July 7, 2005
I’m groomed. No use playing sick anymore.

Even so, I had a really good 4th of July. I went to a picnic where a full band played in the yard for over an hour, and everyone pet me and said nice things to me. There was a golden retriever mix there, and she was scared of me and wouldn’t play, not even when I stuck my behind up in the air and got down really low in the front. That usually works. Poor doggie. Mom wouldn’t let me play with the Yorkie, either. She said I would squish it. In any case, there is good food at picnics!

When the picnic was over I got to go to my boat and swim a lot because it was a hot day. I slept on the big bench seat and ate more yummy food from the cooler and boat bag.

I’ve been having so much fun chasing the joggers at the park. Mommy gets mad at me though and says I will have to stay on my leash if I keep doing that and don’t listen. I don’t want to stay on my leash and I want to chase the joggers. 😦 Not today, though – it’s raining. I am going to see how big my bladder is!

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