Summer’s Gone

October 24, 2005
Wow! What a great summer. I got to go to the park almost every day and run, run, run. Sometimes I had to learn stuff, but I learned to “heel” in only 2 days so I wouldn’t have to work at it any longer. I really HATE having to lie “down.” How can I be in charge if I am lying flat on my tummy! This does not work well with my dominance plan.

No more boat until next spring. These really creepy, jumpy, flying bugs were taking it over and it wasn’t as much fun anyhow.

Mom wouldn’t take me to the park today because she said it was too cold outside. I bet I can get her to take me when she gets home tonight – I will whine, whine, whine until she does. Won’t she be surprised!

Now, when I come in from potty in the morning, I jump into Mom’s bed and crawl under the covers to stay warm. It’s funny ’cause she says, “Where’s Lexi?” and I just hide under there and she can’t find me! Sometimes I don’t even come out until after she is gone!! It is warm and cozy and I just fall back to sleep.

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