I get to stay with Auntie Arlene

November 10, 2005
I get to stay with my Auntie Arlene Friday night. (Just to keep the record straight, she isn’t really my Aunt, but because she is my Mom’s friend and we live in the South, I call her Auntie.) I thought I would share with everyone how I managed with an email to be able to stay with her:

Hi Auntie Arlene. My Mom is going away overnight Friday and I want to come stay with you. Can I, huh, huh, can I?

P.S. Mom said it is ok with her if it is ok with you. She said she is going away for about a week starting the 17th, and if this works out – I will be good, I promise – maybe you would like me to come play with you and sleep with you for a few days later this month, too.

P.P.S. I told Mom you would have to give me my treats and take me to the park and let me sleep with you, ‘cause I like to sleep under the covers. She promised to talk to you about it. I want ice cream too, but Splenda gives me the squirts. (Boy, was Mom surprised!)

I love you,œ
Lexi the bestest Schnauzer

My e-mail was so good that I got this reply:

My Dear Sweet Niece, Lexi,

Tell your Mom you can stay with me any time you want and you can sleep with me, too. I don’t have a fancy house, but you probably won’t mind. Loving ice cream runs in our family, so I’ll make sure you get ice cream, but we’ll definitely make sure that you don’t get Splenda. If you don’t know how to use the phone, tell your Mom to call me or send me another email. Here’s my number (Mom made me leave this part out). See you soon.
xoxoxoxoAuntie Arlenexoxoxoxoxox

Yeah, she loves me. It’s going to be fun. I just tried working her on the ice cream, never thinking I would actually get any (unless it was someone’s birthday, of course). But it worked!!!! I wonder if it’s someone’s birthday??

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