Christmas in the Smokies

December 28, 2005
Hi ya’ll! Christmas in the Smokies with my Mom and big brothers was every bit as much fun as I thought it would be. The smells around the cabin were fantastic. I sniffed so much I forgot to run, run, run. I think maybe I was smelling some of those bears Mom told me to watch out for, so I am glad I didn’t catch any of them. They smell bigger than fleas! The neighbor dog came over to “my” yard and I ran out and told him just who he was messing with. He acted all submissive and wanted to play, but after I set the rules I just wanted to sniff around the cabin some more. I didn’t want to be anti-social – I was just too busy to play.

I got a stuffed fish toy. I also got a ball that Mom put my food in and I have to roll it around to get my food out. I don’t think I like that idea. I wish she would put something better in it. Then I would roll it around more. And I got greenies and other treats. Yummmmmmmm.

The stairs were too steep going up to the bedroom and I didn’t like to use them, so I just sat at the bottom and whined a lot until my brother came and put me in bed with him. I thought maybe that was the new house, but Mom said, no, we were just visiting there. We are going to move into this new house later this month. I still haven’t gotten to see it. I want to go see it. That reminds me, it was warm out today so Mom took me to the park at lunch. Yeah!

Mom spilled all the cold gravy out of the refrigerator, so I helped her by licking it all up. She seemed pleased. I am her little helper.

Well, gotta go now and see if Mom put something better in my treat ball yet.

New House

December 23, 2005
Mom went and bought a house without my approval. Heck, I didn’t even get to see it. She keeps telling me how great it is…hardwood floors for me to run and slide on and a big fenced back yard for me to run and play. It even comes equipped with a friendly Doberman right next door. I think I remember him from the park. He wanted to play with me, but he was so big and strong that I had to growl and bark at him to be sure he knew I was boss. Maybe he understood and will remember that, and when I move into our new house he will want to play nice with me.

I wonder where Mom will put my kennel in the new house. I love my kennel. It is my safe place, and if I get scared because Mom’s mad at me or if I know she is going to do something I don’t like – like give me a bath – I run and hide in it. It is really big and has a big pillow in it and my food dish and my water bottle. I love my water bottle too. I like the sound the little metal ball makes when I lick it to get water. And it doesn’t get my beard wet and make me cold.

Mom said the new house is really close to the apartment where we had been living, so she will still come home for lunch every day and we can still go to the park like we used to do. I hope I get to go again soon. I had almost forgotten to whine to go to the park when Mom surprised me last weekend and took me. I ran, ran, ran!

I am so excited about going to the cabin in Gatlinburg with Mom and the boys. (I don’t know why Mom calls them “boys”. They are really big.) I will get to sleep with my people brothers and go outside with them and run, run, run! Mommy has presents for me, too! I know they will be good, because I can smell them…I just can’t get to them! Grrrr.

House Shopping

December 15, 2005
Mommy took me house shopping last weekend. I loved it! I got to run through empty houses and run up and down stairs and sniff everything and run, run, run. She kept asking me if I liked the house and if I wanted to live there. I always wagged my tail yes. At the second house, Mommy smiled a lot and that made me run and wag my tail more. The wood floors are good to slide on and it has a wide staircase that’s not too steep so I won’t fall. Mommy said she’ll get a fence so I can run loose in the yard, too.

Then Mommy took me to check out a new marina and that was extra fun because of all the smells and the water. It made me remember my boat. As I was coming back to the car Mommy asked me if we should put my boat there. I didn’t know she was going to ask me that, so I had to run back around the docks again before I could answer her. I said yes. Now. But she didn’t do it now. And we aren’t living in the new house. I wish Mommy would tell me if we are going back there and when she is moving my boat and where it is going to be.

I wish she would take me to the park, too. We went in the car last night and I thought we were going to the park – it was dark out, but hey, there can always be a first time, right? I moaned when I realized we were just going to the store. If you think that was bad, wait, it gets worse. When Mommy parked, she pulled my sweater out of the back of her coat – tricky Mommy, she was hiding it! She tried to put it on me but I put up a good fight. She won, and what happens next? She left me out in the car! I got cold in the car anyhow and started shivering. That will teach her! Maybe she won’t put that stupid awful sweater on me anymore and maybe she will take me to the park where I can run, run, run next time. But I think she got me something for Christmas when she went in the store without me. I gotta go now and sniff around to see if I can find it.

Going to Gatlinburg

December 9, 2005
Mom said we are going to Gatlinburg for Christmas. I get to be with my big people brothers and there will be lots of good food and gifts. We’re going to stay in a cabin and there are lots of woods around where I can run and play. Yeah! But Mom said I have to watch out for bears….what are bears? I hope they are fun to play with and that is why I am watching for them.

It’s going to be sooooooo much fun. Except for the bears – I found out they are bad. I hope there aren’t any, whatever they are. I wonder if they are like fleas. Fleas are bad. Ticks are bad. Bears are bad. I hope Mom doesn’t put spray on me to keep them off me.

She said she’s putting a bow on my collar. I bet I can get it off. Won’t Mommy be surprised!

Christmas Decorating

December 7, 200Lexi in front of tree5
I have had a lot of diary entries to catch up on. Mom’s been too busy to help me so I have had to remember a lot of stuff. Mommy decorated for Christmas over the weekend. I helped her put up the tree and the lights are real pretty. My favorite decoration is the Snow Man. Mom squeezes his mitten and he plays his guitar and sings “I’m a Snoooow Man” to the tune of “I’m a Soul Man” and he moves in time to the music. I can sit and watch him for a long time. He fell down once and I dragged him around for a little bit while Mommy was gone to work, but I didn’t hurt him because I want him to keep singing.

Mom talked about taking my big kennel to the basement to have more room for the tree, but I am glad she left it. It is my safe place. I run into it when Mommy gets mad at me or when she tries to give me a bath or put on my sweater (I especially hate the sweater). My food is always in there, too, and I love to drink out of my water bottle that is on the door of the kennel. I would rather use it than my water bowl. It doesn’t make my whiskers wet.

Mom is all over her cold now, but she still won’t take me to the park. I wish I could go to the park, I want to go to the park, someone take me to the park, I should go to the park, it is my right to go to the park, it is my entitlement to go to the park, I want to go to the park. What Mom? A treat? Where did I want to go? I want a treat, I want a treat! Yeah, a treat!

Home blahs

December 6, 2005
Well, it seems that Thanksgiving was the end of my getting to run, maybe for ever. Mom has had a bad cold and won’t take me to the park. She says I might not go to the park again until the weather warms up in the spring. That upsets me. It seems like forever. Every day I tell Mom I want to go to the park. I tell her and tell her and tell her. She just keeps saying no park. Grrrrrrr.

I have had to find other things to do. She left the tissue box where I could reach it on the bed, so I took out all the tissues and piled them very neatly one on top of another. I counted them as I went…one, one, one, one. I ended up with one. Mom said there were actually a lot more, but she was very impressed with how I had them stacked. A couple of days later she forgot about the box again (she says it’s this cold thing she has) and I didn’t touch it this time. She was once again impressed – it sure doesn’t take much to impress her – and I got a treat. I love treats. After I chewed up my treat I went back to the bedroom where Mom had left me a nice glass of water on the head of the bed, right where I could reach it, and took a good long lap. I thought it was very considerate of her to leave it there all day so I could nap in the bed and not have to go far to get a drink. I wanted her to see how much I appreciated it, but she just laughed and laughed. I like when Mommy laughs. It is a happy sound, and it makes my tail wag. I wonder why she hasn’t left me a glass of water since that time.

My Thanksgiving Vacation

December 6, 2005
Mom thought she was doing something special going away for a while over Thanksgiving, but I was the one that really got a good vacation. I stayed with my Auntie Arlene for a few days. Then my bestest buds, Andrea and her husband the awesome Ben came and got me and we went to my new Grandmom’s in Indiana. I don’t think she is really my Grandmom – she’s Andrea’s mom – but every pup ought to get treated so good, so I am claiming her as mine! We went to their farm in Indiana and I got to run, run, run!! Ben took me and their dog for long walks in the woods, and I didn’t even mind the cold. The only bad part was when Andrea kept combing the burrs out of my beautiful hair.

Yep, everything was going great, and then I met The Cat…it was a great big mean cat. I ran and hid behind Ben and we both stayed way away from The Cat. Shortly afterward we went to visit Andrea’s friend, who had a Nice Cat. I didn’t know cats could be nice. I have only met mean ones. The Nice Cat sniffed my nose before rolling over on its back for me to sniff it all over. I wish all cats could be Nice Cats.

My new Grandmom said I could come back anytime, and Mom could even leave me there if she was coming that way. She told Andrea to be sure to tell my Mom that she was lucky to get me back! I wonder what that meant.

I was sad when Ben and Andrea brought me home. First they put me in a kennel in the back seat because the weather was bad for driving and they said they wanted us all to be safe. After what seemed a very long trip they took me home to my Mom. I love my Mom, and was happy to see her, but I didn’t want them to leave. I kept sitting between them in the kitchen to tell them they could just stay here with us, but they left anyhow. I sat at the kitchen door for a long time waiting for them to come back. I don’t understand why that made Mom sad. They are so nice and tons of fun, and I thought she would want them to come back too. She seemed much happier, though, when I gave up and just went and got one of my toys for Mom to play with me. I hope I get to go back again soon!