My Thanksgiving Vacation

December 6, 2005
Mom thought she was doing something special going away for a while over Thanksgiving, but I was the one that really got a good vacation. I stayed with my Auntie Arlene for a few days. Then my bestest buds, Andrea and her husband the awesome Ben came and got me and we went to my new Grandmom’s in Indiana. I don’t think she is really my Grandmom – she’s Andrea’s mom – but every pup ought to get treated so good, so I am claiming her as mine! We went to their farm in Indiana and I got to run, run, run!! Ben took me and their dog for long walks in the woods, and I didn’t even mind the cold. The only bad part was when Andrea kept combing the burrs out of my beautiful hair.

Yep, everything was going great, and then I met The Cat…it was a great big mean cat. I ran and hid behind Ben and we both stayed way away from The Cat. Shortly afterward we went to visit Andrea’s friend, who had a Nice Cat. I didn’t know cats could be nice. I have only met mean ones. The Nice Cat sniffed my nose before rolling over on its back for me to sniff it all over. I wish all cats could be Nice Cats.

My new Grandmom said I could come back anytime, and Mom could even leave me there if she was coming that way. She told Andrea to be sure to tell my Mom that she was lucky to get me back! I wonder what that meant.

I was sad when Ben and Andrea brought me home. First they put me in a kennel in the back seat because the weather was bad for driving and they said they wanted us all to be safe. After what seemed a very long trip they took me home to my Mom. I love my Mom, and was happy to see her, but I didn’t want them to leave. I kept sitting between them in the kitchen to tell them they could just stay here with us, but they left anyhow. I sat at the kitchen door for a long time waiting for them to come back. I don’t understand why that made Mom sad. They are so nice and tons of fun, and I thought she would want them to come back too. She seemed much happier, though, when I gave up and just went and got one of my toys for Mom to play with me. I hope I get to go back again soon!

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