Christmas Decorating

December 7, 200Lexi in front of tree5
I have had a lot of diary entries to catch up on. Mom’s been too busy to help me so I have had to remember a lot of stuff. Mommy decorated for Christmas over the weekend. I helped her put up the tree and the lights are real pretty. My favorite decoration is the Snow Man. Mom squeezes his mitten and he plays his guitar and sings “I’m a Snoooow Man” to the tune of “I’m a Soul Man” and he moves in time to the music. I can sit and watch him for a long time. He fell down once and I dragged him around for a little bit while Mommy was gone to work, but I didn’t hurt him because I want him to keep singing.

Mom talked about taking my big kennel to the basement to have more room for the tree, but I am glad she left it. It is my safe place. I run into it when Mommy gets mad at me or when she tries to give me a bath or put on my sweater (I especially hate the sweater). My food is always in there, too, and I love to drink out of my water bottle that is on the door of the kennel. I would rather use it than my water bowl. It doesn’t make my whiskers wet.

Mom is all over her cold now, but she still won’t take me to the park. I wish I could go to the park, I want to go to the park, someone take me to the park, I should go to the park, it is my right to go to the park, it is my entitlement to go to the park, I want to go to the park. What Mom? A treat? Where did I want to go? I want a treat, I want a treat! Yeah, a treat!

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