House Shopping

December 15, 2005
Mommy took me house shopping last weekend. I loved it! I got to run through empty houses and run up and down stairs and sniff everything and run, run, run. She kept asking me if I liked the house and if I wanted to live there. I always wagged my tail yes. At the second house, Mommy smiled a lot and that made me run and wag my tail more. The wood floors are good to slide on and it has a wide staircase that’s not too steep so I won’t fall. Mommy said she’ll get a fence so I can run loose in the yard, too.

Then Mommy took me to check out a new marina and that was extra fun because of all the smells and the water. It made me remember my boat. As I was coming back to the car Mommy asked me if we should put my boat there. I didn’t know she was going to ask me that, so I had to run back around the docks again before I could answer her. I said yes. Now. But she didn’t do it now. And we aren’t living in the new house. I wish Mommy would tell me if we are going back there and when she is moving my boat and where it is going to be.

I wish she would take me to the park, too. We went in the car last night and I thought we were going to the park – it was dark out, but hey, there can always be a first time, right? I moaned when I realized we were just going to the store. If you think that was bad, wait, it gets worse. When Mommy parked, she pulled my sweater out of the back of her coat – tricky Mommy, she was hiding it! She tried to put it on me but I put up a good fight. She won, and what happens next? She left me out in the car! I got cold in the car anyhow and started shivering. That will teach her! Maybe she won’t put that stupid awful sweater on me anymore and maybe she will take me to the park where I can run, run, run next time. But I think she got me something for Christmas when she went in the store without me. I gotta go now and sniff around to see if I can find it.

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