New House

December 23, 2005
Mom went and bought a house without my approval. Heck, I didn’t even get to see it. She keeps telling me how great it is…hardwood floors for me to run and slide on and a big fenced back yard for me to run and play. It even comes equipped with a friendly Doberman right next door. I think I remember him from the park. He wanted to play with me, but he was so big and strong that I had to growl and bark at him to be sure he knew I was boss. Maybe he understood and will remember that, and when I move into our new house he will want to play nice with me.

I wonder where Mom will put my kennel in the new house. I love my kennel. It is my safe place, and if I get scared because Mom’s mad at me or if I know she is going to do something I don’t like – like give me a bath – I run and hide in it. It is really big and has a big pillow in it and my food dish and my water bottle. I love my water bottle too. I like the sound the little metal ball makes when I lick it to get water. And it doesn’t get my beard wet and make me cold.

Mom said the new house is really close to the apartment where we had been living, so she will still come home for lunch every day and we can still go to the park like we used to do. I hope I get to go again soon. I had almost forgotten to whine to go to the park when Mom surprised me last weekend and took me. I ran, ran, ran!

I am so excited about going to the cabin in Gatlinburg with Mom and the boys. (I don’t know why Mom calls them “boys”. They are really big.) I will get to sleep with my people brothers and go outside with them and run, run, run! Mommy has presents for me, too! I know they will be good, because I can smell them…I just can’t get to them! Grrrr.

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