Christmas in the Smokies

December 28, 2005
Hi ya’ll! Christmas in the Smokies with my Mom and big brothers was every bit as much fun as I thought it would be. The smells around the cabin were fantastic. I sniffed so much I forgot to run, run, run. I think maybe I was smelling some of those bears Mom told me to watch out for, so I am glad I didn’t catch any of them. They smell bigger than fleas! The neighbor dog came over to “my” yard and I ran out and told him just who he was messing with. He acted all submissive and wanted to play, but after I set the rules I just wanted to sniff around the cabin some more. I didn’t want to be anti-social – I was just too busy to play.

I got a stuffed fish toy. I also got a ball that Mom put my food in and I have to roll it around to get my food out. I don’t think I like that idea. I wish she would put something better in it. Then I would roll it around more. And I got greenies and other treats. Yummmmmmmm.

The stairs were too steep going up to the bedroom and I didn’t like to use them, so I just sat at the bottom and whined a lot until my brother came and put me in bed with him. I thought maybe that was the new house, but Mom said, no, we were just visiting there. We are going to move into this new house later this month. I still haven’t gotten to see it. I want to go see it. That reminds me, it was warm out today so Mom took me to the park at lunch. Yeah!

Mom spilled all the cold gravy out of the refrigerator, so I helped her by licking it all up. She seemed pleased. I am her little helper.

Well, gotta go now and see if Mom put something better in my treat ball yet.

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