One stone Schnauzer

January 10, 2006
Ever since Mom found out that some weird measurement called a stone is 14 pounds, she has been calling me her one stone schnauzer. Actually, she says I am one stone and a couple of pebbles, but I think she is just making that up. I don’t care what she calls me as long as she keeps taking me to the park at lunch time. I just love this warm weather, so I can go run, run, run. I wore my new bling to the park hoping I could show it off, but there weren’t any other dogs around. A car pulled in with a German Shepherd Dog and a Great Dane, but when they saw me they left. I didn’t mean to scare them away. Do you think it was my new bling?

New bling

January 9, 2006
I have a new bling bling. Mom’s dance friend – his name is Jeff – put this shiny red ring thingy on my collar and told me it was my new bling. I think it is beautiful. I don’t know why Mom said it was mean to do that and to get the J-ring off my collar. Anyhow, Mom’s friend took it off and I pawed and pawed at his hand and at my new bling until he put it back on my collar. I am walking around very proud of my new bling, and I hope Mom doesn’t take it off again. After all, she has her necklaces, why can’t I have a bit of bling, too!