I love my new house!

February 27, 2006
I do! I love my new house! I can almost catch the squirrels in the back yard if I get real quiet and they don’t see me before I start running after them. And Stitch – the next door Doberman – and I are buddies now. I can run and jump at him and just bounce off him and keep running. I run past him so fast he doesn’t even know what happened. Some day his dad is going to let him off his leash when I come over to play so we can run all over the back yard. Mom says I better look out when that happens!

The old cellar freaked me out at first and I didn’t want to go down there. I am ok with it now. I just had to get used to the smell. It is smells more like us now. I run down there every time Mom does. One day she screamed because she saw something running around in the basement and thought it was a r-a-t. It was just me! Ha, ha, ha! Wasn’t she surprised!

I found the candy dish the other day when Mom left, and I was real neat about unwrapping the red candies before eating them. I only got carried away with a few of them and ripped the wrappers. I wonder if that is why Mom put the dish out of my reach after that. I would be more careful if that is what she wants.
Mom said she has to go paint some more, so she can’t help me with my diary right now.
Woof, woof!!

Lexi, the cellar sneaking schnauzer

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