New friends and a birthday!

March 7, 2006
I had the bestest time of my life on Sunday. There are two dogs who run around the neighborhood who are bigger than me, but Mom says they are still puppies. They come in my yard a lot and I see them through the gate. Well, guess who forgot to latch the gate when the garbage got taken to the curb on Sunday? It wasn’t me, but I know how to take advantage of a situation. I went on out and ran, ran, ran with the “puppies.” I ran for a very long time. I ran all over the place. I ran places I had never been before. It was so much fun!

Mom was out driving in the car looking for me when she saw me as I was on my way back home. She got out of the car and ran through yards and grabbed me up and ran back to the car and drove home. Sometimes I really don’t understand the things she does. Then she just sat there and held me and cried. I don’t know why. I was having so much fun, and I tried to tell her I had new friends and I wanted to go back out to play with them some more, but she just carried me in the house and wouldn’t let me back out. She said they would have to come in the fence to play with me from now on.

Well, you will never guess what happened the next day… my new “puppy” friends came over and tried to break me out. They grabbed the gate with their teeth and kept yanking on it to try to get me out, but it didn’t work. Maybe they will come back and try again and we can all go running and playing together again. Maybe Mom won’t cry this time.

My big brother Andrew had a birthday and that is always fun. Andrew and my other big brother Adam and my Grandma and two of my other good friends all came over and we ate ice cream cake. Yumm! Then I took turns sitting on everyone’s laps and getting petted. It was almost as good as me having a birthday, except they all went out to eat without me and I didn’t get any presents. So I guess maybe it wasn’t quite as good. But it was still tons of fun and I want to do it again.