Grandma hurt her head

 June 28, 2006

Grandma fell down last week in her living room and hit her head and it bled a lot. Mom took her to see the doctor and I was very worried about her until she came back home. She is all bruised on her front and she still hurts a lot. Mom wouldn’t let me go get my toast from her for a couple of days, and I really missed that, especially the good peach jam she has started putting on it. Don’t get me wrong – I missed my Grandma too. She must have missed me a whole lot because she kept me all day Saturday. I don’t really like staying all day. It gets boring. But at least she gives me a lot of good stuff to eat.

Things are back to normal now. I get to spend the morning with my Grandma and eat my toast. I am careful to be real gentle with her and not jump on her where she is hurting. I lay at her feet more, too, because I know she likes that. Mom said we need to pray for her. Maybe other people will too, when they read this. I love my Grandma.

Woof, woof,


Screen house

 June 8 2006

I have a new screened-in room for when I am outside. Mom thinks it is hers (he, he), but I have figured out how to scoot under the screening to get in and out of it whenever I want. Now it is mine. One of the new neighbor dogs got through the fence and mad a big hole in it and Mom had to sew it back together. Then the dog got in again and made more holes. I thought Mom would be mad (I know I sure didn’t like this happening to my screen house) but all she did was get some boards and fix the fence so that bad dog couldn’t come in our yard anymore. That’ll teach it. Sometimes birds get in my screen house. That gets me very excited and I bark until someone comes out and gets them out. I like my screen house. It is shady and there are no bugs biting me in there. I will let people come visit in my screen house as long as they don’t rip it and as long as they bring me treats (that’s only polite now, isn’t it!).

Lexi, the screen house schnauzer

Bathtub misadventure

June 7, 2006

Now I know for sure who is in charge…

When Mom puts me in the bathtub for a bath (shower, actually), I have gotten in the habit of jumping out before she can squirt me with that nasty water and get my beautiful coat all wet. Saturday Mom put me in the tub and told me “don’t jump out” but I promise you all I heard was “jump out.” So I did. I thought I finally had her trained! Mom whipped around and looked at me and I looked back and she said in her most Mom-like voice, “Get back in that tub.” I know my eyes got big, I couldn’t believe my ears. Hadn’t I just done what she wanted??? I stood there all confused until Mom said it again, this time with a bit of a growl in her voice. What could I do? I turned around and jumped back in the tub. Mom just sat there on the floor for a minute with her mouth hanging open. I don’t understand people sometimes. But at least I got a “good girl” for it. Then I got a bath. She’s going to have to work on these rewards.

Lexi, the bathed Schnauzer