Screen house

 June 8 2006

I have a new screened-in room for when I am outside. Mom thinks it is hers (he, he), but I have figured out how to scoot under the screening to get in and out of it whenever I want. Now it is mine. One of the new neighbor dogs got through the fence and mad a big hole in it and Mom had to sew it back together. Then the dog got in again and made more holes. I thought Mom would be mad (I know I sure didn’t like this happening to my screen house) but all she did was get some boards and fix the fence so that bad dog couldn’t come in our yard anymore. That’ll teach it. Sometimes birds get in my screen house. That gets me very excited and I bark until someone comes out and gets them out. I like my screen house. It is shady and there are no bugs biting me in there. I will let people come visit in my screen house as long as they don’t rip it and as long as they bring me treats (that’s only polite now, isn’t it!).

Lexi, the screen house schnauzer

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