Grandma hurt her head

 June 28, 2006

Grandma fell down last week in her living room and hit her head and it bled a lot. Mom took her to see the doctor and I was very worried about her until she came back home. She is all bruised on her front and she still hurts a lot. Mom wouldn’t let me go get my toast from her for a couple of days, and I really missed that, especially the good peach jam she has started putting on it. Don’t get me wrong – I missed my Grandma too. She must have missed me a whole lot because she kept me all day Saturday. I don’t really like staying all day. It gets boring. But at least she gives me a lot of good stuff to eat.

Things are back to normal now. I get to spend the morning with my Grandma and eat my toast. I am careful to be real gentle with her and not jump on her where she is hurting. I lay at her feet more, too, because I know she likes that. Mom said we need to pray for her. Maybe other people will too, when they read this. I love my Grandma.

Woof, woof,


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