Dance in Dunlap

September 30, 2006
Tonight is dance in Dunlap again. I went last week and really yelled at everyone. I was making up for lost time. And I wouldn’t go to the girls when they called me either. I am mad at them because they didn’t come and see me all summer when Mom wasn’t taking me there. I think they should have come to see me, don’t you? I am not sure if I will let them pet me tonight. I am still getting a lot of petting at the theater, so I don’t really need more. (Why is Mom laughing??)

Mom has started putting good stuff on my food in the morning. She says she wants me to start eating every morning because I am getting too thin. I don’t always do what she wants, but my goodness, this stuff is good.

I am going to rest some more now so I have lots of energy to go to dance tonight. I sure hope we stop at McDonalds again so I can have french fries. Mmmm.


September 22, 2006
I am having such a great time at the theater, both on-stage and off. I try to think of something new to do every night as well as on Sunday afternoon. I pay close attention to how the audience reacts so I will know if I should do it again next time. When Dorothy and I go back onstage after the house has landed in Oz, all the little kids called Munchkins sneak out around the edges of some fake plants and start giggling. I have started running and barking at them, and they giggle harder and run back behind the plants. Everyone in the audience laughs a lot when I do that, so I have kept it in my role as Toto.

One day before the show opened I went to an upstairs place back behind where the audience will be sitting. Mom kept telling me to bark by saying my word, free! She said they were recording me and I should bark as much and in as many different ways as I wanted. All I have to say to that is BARK! BARK! WOOF, WOOF. RRRRRRARRR. So in the scenes where I am supposed to bark, the audience hears the recording. Who knew that when I did a little improve that it would sound different! A few people actually asked if some of my barks were recorded. I wasn’t sure if I should feel embarrassed or proud…

Lexi the Thespian

The Show opened!

That’s me in the middle

September 15, 2006
Last night the show opened and I got to perform on-stage for the first time ever! It was a Thursday night and there were a lot of older people, which was great, since I really relate to that age bracket. I have had lots of practice with my Grandma, after all. Dorothy was about to take me out on stage with the old-looking new leash she had gotten for the part when Jeffery the director said, “No. We aren’t using a leash.” You should have seen the looks on both Dorothy and my mom’s faces. Dorothy took a deep breath and I think Mom started praying. No one knew what I would do since I had never been able to show them that am a born actor. We had rehearsed a lot and I knew my part and did it. When I first ran out to Dorothy on cue, and the audience breathed a collected sigh of “Awwwwww,” that sealed it. I knew I had found my calling. I would have done anything to hear that again. Then when I stole the hot dog from the stick like I was supposed to do and everyone laughed, I knew I loved this job more than anything. Dorothy had treats hidden in her socks and gave me lots of them during the play. Mom helped by always waiting off-stage where I was supposed to run when it was time and she always had a treat for me too. I think I am in heaven.

LexiToto the happy Schnauzer

That’s me in the middle

Annie Awards

Wearing my tux collar at the Annie Awards

Wearing my tux collar at the Annie Awards

 September 4, 2006

You should have seen me at the Annie Awards just before the show opened. I wore a white tux collar and red bow tie – I just knew clothes were going to enter into this at some point! Mom says it was, after all, a black tie affair. So where does this red bow tie come in? Mom wore a red gown to match my red bow tie. I worked the crowd. Pet me, feed me, adore me. And they did. Mom managed to ruin it a bit when she stood up on a chair and warned everyone, “Do not give any ham to the schnauzer.” After the social hour in the lobby, I sat on Mom’s lap for the awards in the auditorium – the one where I will be performing. At first, all the clapping, yelling and hooting bothered me. After about 20 minutes I decided it didn’t matter and settled down to watch the awards, even taking a little nap at the end. Then back to the lobby for dessert! I found the cream puff table and stood with my front paws on it, looking longingly at the treats – not without reward! The director is extremely impressed with my behavior, everyone’s reactions to me and my reactions back to them. What does he expect? When I am nice everyone feeds me treats and pets me. Isn’t that what life is all about, anyhow? So Mom says I don’t have to wear any more clothes during the play. That’s good. Now, if I could just get rid of those darned flying monkeys.

Woof, woof!