September 22, 2006
I am having such a great time at the theater, both on-stage and off. I try to think of something new to do every night as well as on Sunday afternoon. I pay close attention to how the audience reacts so I will know if I should do it again next time. When Dorothy and I go back onstage after the house has landed in Oz, all the little kids called Munchkins sneak out around the edges of some fake plants and start giggling. I have started running and barking at them, and they giggle harder and run back behind the plants. Everyone in the audience laughs a lot when I do that, so I have kept it in my role as Toto.

One day before the show opened I went to an upstairs place back behind where the audience will be sitting. Mom kept telling me to bark by saying my word, free! She said they were recording me and I should bark as much and in as many different ways as I wanted. All I have to say to that is BARK! BARK! WOOF, WOOF. RRRRRRARRR. So in the scenes where I am supposed to bark, the audience hears the recording. Who knew that when I did a little improve that it would sound different! A few people actually asked if some of my barks were recorded. I wasn’t sure if I should feel embarrassed or proud…

Lexi the Thespian

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