Dance in Dunlap

September 30, 2006
Tonight is dance in Dunlap again. I went last week and really yelled at everyone. I was making up for lost time. And I wouldn’t go to the girls when they called me either. I am mad at them because they didn’t come and see me all summer when Mom wasn’t taking me there. I think they should have come to see me, don’t you? I am not sure if I will let them pet me tonight. I am still getting a lot of petting at the theater, so I don’t really need more. (Why is Mom laughing??)

Mom has started putting good stuff on my food in the morning. She says she wants me to start eating every morning because I am getting too thin. I don’t always do what she wants, but my goodness, this stuff is good.

I am going to rest some more now so I have lots of energy to go to dance tonight. I sure hope we stop at McDonalds again so I can have french fries. Mmmm.

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