October 8, 2006
Mom told me she had this funny thought about when I go over to Dorothy’s house (you know, Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz) and meet her dog Graham. Graham is going to say, “Why do you keep saying ‘Dorothy’?”

And of course I will reply with, “Because that is her name.”

After a few rebuttals back and forth (which I hope doesn’t turn into a fight) Graham may come up with “I knew it! My Mom is leading a double life. The first clue should have been when she came home smelling like you! By day, my sweet, innocent Mommy Kim. By night, well, I don’t know what the heck she does with you! But she’s had your stink on her for weeks now.”

Me: “I hear people say I may be going to have an identity crisis. Do you think that is what is happening to Dorothy-Kim?”

Graham: “I don’t know what that is. Let’s play.”

Isn’t my Mommy funny? Everyone knows my friend’s name is Dorothy!


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