Rocktober Fest

October 24, 2006
Hi Ya’ll. I got to go to Rock City to celebrate Rocktober Fest. As I was walkingon the sidewalk in front of Rock City, I jumped up over a rock wall onto what I thought would be a nice grassy bank where I could smell all the other dogs that had been there. Imagine my surprise when, instead of grass, there was a water fountain! I went in up to my chest before my Mom grabbed me out so I wouldn’t drown. Boy, was that water cold!

Mom helped Jeff teach a dance called polka and I danced with her for a little bit. We took a break and walked down good trails, which got my nose twitching with the scent of other dogs. I wanted to look for those interlopers but Mom said we would go another time when there wasn’t so much dancing to do. My bestest friend Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was there, and so was the Tin Man. Dorothy took me around to meet people and everyone naturally adored me, the Toto.
Lexi the Rocktober Fest star

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