Mom no fun

October 27, 2006
I haven’t been going to Grandma’s much lately ’cause Mom has been home. She isn’t working and has a cold and doesn’t want to play much. Once in a while she will throw the ball for me or play keep away with Quack Quack, my bestest duck friend toy. Then she lights the fireplace and we curl up on the couch and take a nap together.

Mom says she is going to work tomorrow and I can go stay with my Grandma again. I like that – she makes me toast with yummy jam on it and always says really nice things to me. She lets me get in her bed and burrow down under the covers to the bottom where I snooze all morning, except to get my toast. I see Mom going to the kitchen to make some desserts now, so catch you all later. P.S. I know sometimes I tell ya’ll things more than once – it is because these are the important things in my life! Woof!

Lexi the Snoozing Schnauzer

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