My friends got a puppy

November 15, 2006

I didn’t get to go to help teach dance last week, and Mom came home smelling like new puppy. I tried to ignore it so she wouldn’t know I could tell, but she stank of it. Then she confessed that my good friends in Dunlap got a new Schnauzer puppy from my breeder, but that they still love me too. If they love me, how could they find room in their hearts for another Schnauzer – I truly do not understand. I feel cast aside, betrayed. The next thing will probably be the new puppy getting her own web page!

O my gosh, I just found out the new puppy got her own web page and asked me to be friends. What could I do?! Mom said I should be nice and accept, so I even sent a nice note.  Her name is Sadie. Maybe we will get to play together sometime. That is, after I show her who is boss. Mom said the classes are over for the year, so I won’t get to see those friends for a long time (unless they come to Chattanooga to visit me!).

Mom says I am going to get to go to places called assisted care and nursing homes to visit with old people. I know how to do that. I wonder if they will all give me toast like my Grandma does. They are going to pet me lots and I will be real nice to everyone. I wonder if I will have to have a new name like I did for the play. I will let you know, so everyone knows what to call me when they want to give me a treat!

I have started going back to the park on the weekends because the weather is nice and I don’t go to the theater any more.  I love to run, run, run…


Woof, woof,



I cried all night

November 3, 2006

Mom kept explaining that the play was over, was done, that we weren’t going back, but I just couldn’t believe it. How could she give me something so great and then take it away? I hate the world. I feel so very bad, I don’t know what’s wrong. I think I might just die. I have never felt like this before. I heard the word depressed. If that is what I have, I don’t want it. I want my stage back, and my audience, my fans, my cast, even the scary flying monkeys. I want my Dorothy and my treats and my children and my old people. I want my warm up room and my green room and my special kennel. I felt so alive at the theater. I love the theater. I hate my life now.  I want my job back!

Lexi, the sad


It’s time to go to the theater

November 2, 2006

Last Sunday we didn’t go to the theater. I figured we were just taking a day off, a break. Then Wednesday came around and I didn’t get a bath. I sure wasn’t going to remind anyone about that! Suddenly it was Thursday night and it is almost 7:00 and we haven’t left for the theater yet. I’ve gone to the door and keep looking at it and back at Mom. She has forgotten…hurry, it is time to go! I am going to miss my curtain call!! Everyone will be looking for me on stage and holding their breath to say “Awwwwww,” and I won’t be there on time! Mom, please, Mom, please, Mom pleeeeeeeease!