A surprise jump

December 20, 2006

It’s almost Christmas and there are lots of presents under the tree! I have smelled them all and I don’t think mine is there. I sure hope Mom didn’t forget to get it. I wonder where it is…

Today I really surprised Mom when she came home from work. I jumped right up on the dining room table without even jumping first on the chair!!! She lifted me off, so I showed her again what I could do. Then I did it again!! I think she was very impressed. Mom said not to do that, but I don’t think she meant it. It is much easier for her to pet me if I am up there.

I didn’t go to my Grandma’s for a whole week. She was too sick for me to stay with her. I sure did miss her and she said she missed me a lot too. She is better now and I am getting my toast again.

Mommy was going to let my hair keep growing all winter since it was already long from being Toto. Then she said she couldn’t stand it anymore, and the weather kept being warm, so she groomed me. She didn’t cut it as short as usual in case we get a cold snap. And here I thought I was safe until next year. One just never knows when one will be swept up to be groomed or bathed. I am playing it safe now about the baths. Whenever Mom goes into the downstairs bathroom I run into another room and if she runs the water I try to hide. So far it works most of the time. Well, at least 6 times out of 7.

Mom has to go fix dinner now, so she said I should wish all my web friends a Merry Christmas!!

Woof, woof, woof.