Super Bowl Sunday

February 8, 2007
I was right! Super Bowl Sunday was so much fun. My friends Marley and her Mom Jennefer went to Cleveland with me and my Mom to visit my people brother Adam. Adam loves me a lot and I always sit on his lap in the car. We got to go to the pet store while we were there. All Marley wanted to do was ride on her Mom’s hip. Not me, I smelled everything in the store! During the times we had to wait in the car we planned how much fun we were going to have when we got back to my house.

Back at my house Marley’s brother Piper and their dad joined us for the big game. Marley played with me a lot, but all Piper wanted to do was hug his Mom and get on my Mom’s lap. He wasn’t in on the planning earlier, so he must not have known it was play time.

Just like I thought, there was yummy food. I ate lots of chips and dip and Jennefer brought me wonderful doggie cookies. The first one got stuck on the roof of my mouth and I couldn’t get it loose. Everyone was laughing and Mom had to pull it off. That felt very strange. I was more careful after that to bite the next one into pieces. All us schnauzers fell asleep before the game was over and I was really ready to go straight to bed when everyone left.

The Elevator

February 6, 2007
I had my first ride in an elevator. Mom carried me onto it. It started to go up and when she tried to put me down I clung onto her like crazy. No way was I going to stand on this thing that was moving under us. She caught me with her knee as I was sliding off her and she saved me. The doors of this elevator thing slid open and we stepped out into a hallway. Then I got to visit my Grandma in her new apartment. I was so excited to see her and she was excited to see me too. When we were done visiting Mom held me on the elevator ride back down.

A few days later I went back to see Grandma and had to go on this elevator thing again. Mom tricked me – just walked right onto it with me on my leash. I was looking at this person that I thought would pet me and wasn’t paying enough attention to where I was going. I could feel it begin to move, but I kept my eye on that bright metal circle in the middle. I think that was the thing making it all happen. We made it up ok and I was so happy to see my Grandma again. Grandma had a piece of toast all ready just for me. Mom thought she tricked me again when we left, but I knew that as long as I watched that circle thing, it would be ok. Now I know to just watch the circle and I will be ok on the elevator. I just wanted to share that with all of you so you would know to just watch that metal circle and you don’t need to be afraid to go on an elevator. The elevator will take you good places, like to see the people you love.

Lexi, the brave elevator-riding schnauzer

Can’t go to Grandma’s anymore

February 2, 2007

Grandma moved out of our apartment (hers and mine) and I am not allowed to stay all day with her anymore. Where she lives now, there’s only a hallway on the other side of her front door, and she can’t tie me out anymore when I want to go outside. I heard Mom promise her that I could still sometimes come and stay for a little while. I wish my Grandma didn’t move. She’s been getting very confused, but she still knew who I was and always smiled and talked nice to me and gave me toast. I heard that she fell down in our (hers and mine) apartment in the middle of the night and pulled the TV down on top of her. I heard that she lay there all night because she couldn’t get up. I think she would still be laying there if Mom had not gone over early the next morning. She said she got up to go to the bathroom and got confused and turned the wrong way. Then she lost her balance and when she reached for something to steady herself the TV fell over on top of her. I hope Grandma doesn’t hurt. I wish she didn’t have to move. Why didn’t she move somewhere that I could stay with her all day? I think she misses me. I love my Grandma.

I am going to see my good friends Jennefer and Piper and Marley on Sunday. We are going to go see my big people brother Adam who lives in another city almost an hour away, and go to the pet store. I bet we all get something good. I should, since I am a very, very good girl. Afterward, there is something called the Super Bowl. I wonder if that is a great big bowl full of yummy food. Mmmmmm. I am starting to drool. My beard is getting wet.

Everyone have a good Super Bowl Sunday and don’t get a tummy ache. Woof, woof,