Super Bowl Sunday

February 8, 2007
I was right! Super Bowl Sunday was so much fun. My friends Marley and her Mom Jennefer went to Cleveland with me and my Mom to visit my people brother Adam. Adam loves me a lot and I always sit on his lap in the car. We got to go to the pet store while we were there. All Marley wanted to do was ride on her Mom’s hip. Not me, I smelled everything in the store! During the times we had to wait in the car we planned how much fun we were going to have when we got back to my house.

Back at my house Marley’s brother Piper and their dad joined us for the big game. Marley played with me a lot, but all Piper wanted to do was hug his Mom and get on my Mom’s lap. He wasn’t in on the planning earlier, so he must not have known it was play time.

Just like I thought, there was yummy food. I ate lots of chips and dip and Jennefer brought me wonderful doggie cookies. The first one got stuck on the roof of my mouth and I couldn’t get it loose. Everyone was laughing and Mom had to pull it off. That felt very strange. I was more careful after that to bite the next one into pieces. All us schnauzers fell asleep before the game was over and I was really ready to go straight to bed when everyone left.

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