My first trip to a nursing home

March 20, 2007
It’s been a while since Mom has helped me write in my diary. She started working at a place where she is doing accounting. I keep hearing her say she hates it. I don’t like when Mommy isn’t happy. She doesn’t play with me enough. I think if she played with me more she would feel better. I think she should just stay home and take me to the park. The weather is nice and I could run, run, run. Then we would both feel better.

Mom came home early on Friday and took me to a nursing home. At first I thought I was going to see my Grandma who lives near there, but I got to see lots and lots of other people who are old like my Grandma. Their rooms all open out to hallways, too, so they wouldn’t be able to let me stay all day either. They all talked to me nice and petted me. Mom told everyone about me being Toto in the Wizard of Oz. The bling on my collar was the button with me and Dorothy on it. I think they liked that. I felt very proud. There were a lot of cookie crumbs and I cleaned them up for everyone. I am a good helper. Mom says I am a therapy dog now. I hope I don’t have to learn a new name again, like I did for the play. I got really thirsty and whined and Mom said we could go. She promised to bring me water the next time we visit. It is really hot in there, and smells funny too, like stuff I am not allowed to do in the house.

Saturday I get to see my good friends Piper and Marley. We are all going to get tested to be therapy dogs for hospitals that take care of children. I like all the children petting me. I am sooooo sure I will pass whatever the test is. I hear that Marley is a little worried about this because she never liked kids. I think I will talk to her about it. After all, I never liked kids either until the Wizard of Oz. I will let her know they are really ok. And they usually drop food, so it’s good to hang around them.

Lexi, the nursing home dog

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