March 22, 2007
There are coyotes in my city. They are kind of like dogs only wild and mean and kill little dogs and little kids. Mom read about it in the paper. It said some coyotes killed a schnauzer in her own front yard. One of Mom’s friends killed a coyote with his car late one night a couple of months ago. He had to get his car fixed, too. Even though I have a fenced yard, Mom is now afraid to leave me out alone at night. She stands at the door and watches. She says daytime is ok, because the coyotes only come out at night. I wonder what they do all day? I hope there aren’t any near our house. I hope one gets in the other fence with Stitch, my neighbor Doberman. He will rip it apart. Maybe then the other coyotes will be afraid to go in the fences in my neighborhood. I am going to stay good friends with Stitch. He likes me.
Everyone be happy and stay away from the coyotes and play with kids and visit old people. (Mom says I am bossy.)

Woof, woof!

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