April 16, 2007
I had a big day on Saturday. Sophie, my new schnauzer friend from Dunlap came over with her Mom, and my Mom did her first groom. She is almost 7 months old and she has managed to not get groomed all this time. I will have to ask her secret. Her mom watched, so now that her Mom knows how to do it, I think Sophie will be getting groomed more often. Then Mom groomed me. Wasn’t I surprised! Sophie’s Mom said I was soooo good.

After that, Mom took me to my Grandma’s and let me stay with her for a few hours. Grandma was very happy that I was there, but I was bored. It was so hot in Grandma’s apartment that I just slept the whole time.

I have put on two pounds from all the treats when I was Toto. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is over 10% of my body weight. Mom said that would be like her putting on almost 14 pounds. We have to exercise more, which means going to the park more. Yeah! We went to the park only once last week, and then the weather got cold again. I hope it warms up soon so Mom takes me to the park to run, run, run.

Woof!! Be good!

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