August 25, 2007

I won a Miss Annie Award at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre for my role as Toto in The Wizard of Oz! I am so excited! I licked the award a lot last night and watched it closely when Mom let someone else hold it. I didn’t take my eyes off it all night at the theater. I won, I won, I won! Mommy put it on a shelf on the wall with my headshot as Toto and the program for the play. I won! Yeah! I ran up on stage when Mom told me and everyone clapped for me just like when I was in the play. It says right on it that I am the director’s choice. He loves me. Everyone loves me. I love being on the stage. Since I can’t really hold the award with my paws, Mom came up on stage too and accepted the award for me. I leaned into the microphone to say something and everyone kind of giggled, and then I changed my mind and let Mom talk. She said I was so surprised that I didn’t have a speech prepared. She sure was right! Can you imagine a schnauzer that is speechless?

I got to help Dorothy present an award to someone else, too. I ran up on stage on my cue, just like always, and everyone said, “Ahhhhw” and laughed like when I played Toto. Dorothy held me for a while, and then I just stood there with her and my director Geoffrey and followed her off the stage as usual. Did I say I love the stage? I love Dorothy too. I love treats, too, and I got a lot of them last night – cheese, crackers, cake – all yum!

Lexi-Toto, the Winner