Mommy got me a new daddy!

(L-R) Lily, Ivy, my new Dad, Mom, me

(L-R) Lily, Ivy, my new Dad, Mom, me

 October 16, 2008

Mommy and Jeff got married. They talked about it a lot first and said that my Grandmas loved Jeff and wouldn’t want them to wait. They used my screen house in the back yard and fixed it up all pretty. Mom strung lights and put out great big pots of flowers called mums – how funny to think flowers could be someone’s mum! Mom put Grandma’s picture on a table to make it seem like she was close by. My bestest friend Jennefer came and helped Mom get dressed, like she isn’t a big person and can dress herself! Everything is funny today. My bestest friend Maria came with her husband who is very nice too, and my people brother Andrew came, and the preacher and his wife came. My new step-sisters Lily and Ivy were there too. Lily is orange and hairy and big – at least she looks pretty big to me. She is always trying to get everyone to like her and wants us all to play with her. It is very annoying. Ivy is almost as big. She has long black hair and some white, just like me. I can tell she is in charge because sometimes she tells Lily to stop and Lily listens to her. I will have to watch her to see how she stays in charge all the time. Of course, I will also have to let her know this is my house and she will have to listen to me. I sure hope she listens when I bark and growl and fuss at her. She is kind of big, after all. But today I will just be nice because it is a special and fun and funny day.

After Mom and Jeff promised to stay together forever – which made me really happy – they had champagne and we all had cake. Jennefer made the cake. It had lots and lots of icing. Yummy!! I could have eaten it all, but Mom and Jeff said they would freeze it until this time next year. I really don’t understand why they would freeze perfectly good cake that could be eaten now. Eat it now!

Lexi, the schnauzer with a Daddy