Therapy for kids

May 29, 2009

Mom took me to a hospital for really sick kids yesterday. They didn’t look all that sick, not puking or coughing or anything. But they were in bed with their jammies on and needles with tubes stuck in their arms and all that. So I will just believe Mom when she said they needed a lot of Lexi love. Their Moms were all with them, and they all smiled and seemed really happy to see me too. I went from room to room and jumped up on the bed with the little person (sometimes Mom had to lift me up cause the beds were really high). They went from looking sad to happy when they saw me, and most of them pet me a lot. One even started to cry when I left, so I went back in to see him. Gee, he wasn’t much bigger than me.

I liked it lots and want to go back soon, but Mom said I can only go once a month – that’s the rule because there are so many other dogs that want to come get pet by the kids. I wish some of them would find somewhere else to go so I could go more. Oh, and Mom got a calling card made with my beautiful picture and information about me on it. She gave one to each of the kids, and they smiled when they looked at it. It aid I love treats, so maybe next time….

Lexi, the Therapy for Kids Dog

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