Agility Classes

July 11, 2009

Hi friends. Last time we met, I was wondering about this agility class my Mom signed me up for. Now I am going to my last class (class #6) this Monday. It has been a blast! I get more treats there than anywhere. It’s been wonderful!  I only have to do is stuff that is fun to get a treat. I run through tunnels, sit, stay, walk, jump over sticks, run up and down boards, and always, at the end, there is a treat. Sometimes I get treats just because people like me. Treats, treats, treats!

Mom says I am precocious. Dad says I am an over-achiever.

I knew I was supposed to weave through those sticks and did it. Why did they want me to just run down the middle the first time? That was stupid. Mom gave me a treat anyhow, cause she says I still did it right, the way it is supposed to be done, even if it wasn’t what they wanted.

Then there is the thing of following Mom’s hand around her in circles. She had a treat in each hand. She told me to walk, so I stood up on my hind legs and walked, just like she had taught me to do at home. And I waved my front paws while I walked, because it helps me keep my balance and everyone thinks it is cute. Cute wins treats. That also puts me closer to the treats. I made her happy. I know I did because she laughed and gave me treats.

I expect to pass my test on Monday and get lots more treats. I wonder what Mom will have for me to do next to get lots of treats…

Lexi, The Agility Dog


P.S. I see my schnauzer friend, Sophie, at class too.

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