Not another dog in the pack!

December 5, 2010

Mom came home with another dog. She says he is a puppy, so I tried to be nice to him, help him understand how things work at my house. But he is bigger than me and so very annoying. I tried to correct him and he jumped me. That was so completely unfair, especially since he is bigger than me. Mom says he would have been killed on the road if she hadn’t picked him up and she is trying to find his for-real owner. I hope his for-real owner shows up soon because I am pretty sick of having him around. He bites me all the time. Mom says he just wants me to play but I don’t like it. He doesn’t seem to understand that I am in charge around here. Grrrrrrr. I am trying to ignore him and not get upset at him since he is supposed to be a puppy. He is also bugging the heck out of Piper and Milo. Now my step-sisters have come for a week, and Lily is actually playing with him. Then she gets tired of it and puts him in his place. She is bigger than him and he mostly listens to her. As long as he is following her around he isn’t bothering me. Now there are five other dogs in my house. This is almost too much work for me.

Lexi, the bothered schnauzer

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