Toto again!

February 7. 2010

I’m Toto again!! This time I’m with Kandis instead of Dorothy. Mom said, “Here’s Dorothy,” and I looked all around for my Dorothy. I don’t know why mom said that when Dorothy wasn’t there.  Kandis is fun and gives me lots of treats and says a lot of the same things Dorothy said. We are doing something called rehearsing every Thursday night. We have to drive farther than we did before, but I love riding, so that is ok with me.

People wonder if I get confused when they call me Toto instead of Lexi. Heck no…I know it really means, “Lexi, you are going to get lots of treats and attention!” So I always answer to Toto. Wouldn’t you?

Wishing you lots of treats to share with Toto.

Lexi the Toto

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