Done performing and cast party

 April 5, 2010

I got to perform for two weekends, and I love, love, love it! Just imagine all the treats you want, plus people ewwwing and aweing over you. And lots of petting, too. Who wouldn’t love the stage life!! My mom and dad took me to the cast party. It was in an Episcopal church where the director, whose name is CJ, is the choir master. CJ gave me all the treats that were left from the play, but mom wouldn’t let me eat them all right then. I sat at the head of one of the tables and had my own plate of salmon and asparagus. Then I had my own piece of cake, too. I ate very nicely off the fork, with my mom helping me. I never put my head down in the plate when I am sitting at the table. What do you think, I am barbarian? No, I have good table manners. I learned them by watching my Mom. I can’t put the napkins on my lap – I don’t think I have a lap – but it stays nice and neat next to my plate until my beard gets messy, at which time Mom uses it to wipe off my face.

After we ate we watched a video of the play. In the opening credits, it said, in really big letters, INTRODUCING LEXI AS TOTO. He, he. That’s me! Everyone laughed and applauded. Someone said I am type cast now that I have played Toto in two plays. I hope type cast means I get a lot of treats!

Now I am staying at home a lot, and I don’t like that so much. Mom took me to the park today, and I ran a lot, but the sun was hot on my pretty black hair. I can’t take too much of the sun and heat. Then we took a long ride and I cooled off in the air conditioning. Mom said to be sure to say happy Easter to all you great woofers. Bye for now!

Lexi, the unemployed Toto

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