Back into Freestyle!

 May 30, 2010

Today Mom and I started back into Freestyle. Mom calls it doggie dancing. Dad says it is coordinated movement. I just call it fun! I get lots of treats and “good girls”, and that makes me smile a lot. They play my favorite music, Split Rail Fences by the hammered dulcimer player, Dan Landrum. I can really get going to that music. Everyone said such nice things about me, like I am smart and beautiful and a natural at this. Of course it is all true, and I already know these things, but it is still nice to hear them.

Oh yes, I did want to mention something that Mom thinks is really neat. Last week we went to the children’s hospital to make kids smile. I am really good at that, too, by the way. So the lady who takes us around and opens the kids’ doors for me (I think everyone calls her Lois) said, “Let’s go to room 316.” I forged ahead and stopped at that room. When we were done there, she said, “Now we are going to room 319.” Again, I went on ahead and stopped at that room. Mom and the Lois lady don’t know how I knew which room. He, he. I don’t think I will tell them.

Keep on woofing!

Lexi the dancing therapy dog

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