We moved!

July 6, 2010

I love my new house. There are great smells and the yard has a lot of wonderful smells too. The front yard is really big but I am not allowed out there without Mom or Dad because there isn’t a fence. There is a door that leads out to a patio and a fenced yard in the back so that is wonderful. I have seen some squirrels but I know they aren’t my friends from our last house. Maybe they will like me too after they have time to get to know me. There are a lot of windows to look out and I bark at all the people and dogs walking by. There are birds and bunnies too, just like before we moved. My kennel is here so that is the same. It is in Mom’s great big closet in her bedroom so I have a lot of privacy and peace and quiet to sleep. I like to just go into the closet and lay down sometimes. There is still a lot of unpacking and I get to stick my head in boxes and look for treats and toys. When Mom takes me for walks, it takes a very long time because there are so many dogs in the neighborhood and I have to be very careful to cover up all the places they went pee pee with my own scent. Maybe I will make a new friend here, too. I hope there is a park nearby so Mom will take me lots and lots. I heard we are closer to the lake so we can take my boat there more often. That is a good thing.

Lexi, the happy schnauzer

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