Those other schnauzers at my house

October 17, 2010

Hi friends. I have two other schnauzers living at my house now. My Auntie Jen moved in – I think just for a while – and they came with her. Sure I knew them before they moved in, but it wasn’t like, “in your face” all the time. Now I am kept busy telling them who is boss. They eat their food so fast that I have to stay by my bowl and eat it all up or they will get it. They sit on my couch, and play with my toys. Sometimes I don’t let them. There have to be rules and an understanding about who is in charge around here. They are boys, so they always listen to me. I don’t think they should get any treats, either, but Mom says it is only fair. At least they don’t get to go to doggie dancing!

Doggie Dancing – it’s great! Mom and I are getting ready for an exhibition in Nashville. We practiced by going to Dogs in the Park at McCallie School. It was really hot and we performed outside in the heat and on the grass. I got pretty distracted with all the smells, and did I mention it was hot? Mom said it will be different in Nashville. I don’t care – I liked smelling all the neat stuff in the grass.

Later, dudes!

Lexi the rule-maker

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