Kawabunga, dude! (or my most excellent plan)

November 30, 2010

Mom said my plan was doomed to fail from the start. But I get ahead of myself. Let me give some background to my story. It all goes back to my buddies, the squirrels. Squirrels are cool, you know. Back at my other house before we moved, my squirrel buddies and I would hang out in the back yard. I would be like, whatcha doin? And they would be like, just huntin’ nuts, so did you get any treats today? And I would be like, yeah, but not enough, let me try some of your nuts.

Mom must have known I’ve been missing my squirrel buddies because she got me a toy squirrel that looks sooooo real. It does  remind me of my buds and I don’t want to hurt it. That’s the set up for what happened this week.

Do you remember in my last entry that I told ya’ll about the two imposters living with me? These boys really get under my skin sometimes. So I hear this squeak, squeak, squeak (you get the point) and I run and look, and there is Piper chewing on my squirrel. I had to think quick, so I grabbed the nearest teddy bear and started running back and forth with it to make it look real enticing. Mom says what I didn’t count on is I was dealing with another schnauzer. He didn’t fall for it. So I get up on the couch next to where he was laying on the floor, still squeak, squeak, squeaking. I flew off the couch onto his head. I was so sure that would work, but he just backed out of it and kept squeak, squeak, squeaking and looking at me like ha, ha. That really ticked me off, so I tried a frontal attack. He just ran off, all the while squeak, squeak.

I am going to have to think this one over.

Lexi, the kawabunga schnauzer without the squirrel