Sweetie gone and where’s Milo?

February 2, 2011

Small victories are better than no victories. The old dog Sweetie went back to her foster home. Mom and Dad talked all morning and I kept hearing the words Sweetie and Riley. Looks like Riley won. Too bad; he is the most annoying. Plus, Sweetie got good smelling canned food that I was sure I would be able to swoop in and eat one of these days when she wasn’t paying attention. Did I mention she is really old? Anyhow, Mom explained that since they decided to keep Riley unless they found him a really, really good home (hey folks don’t you want him?) that it wasn’t fair to Sweetie to make her put up with him. She said Riley made Sweetie’s life miserable. So back she went. Wow, maybe I shouldn’t let on that he makes my life miserable sometimes too. You don’t think they would send me back somewhere, do you?

I’ve been hiding out in my kennel a lot and Mom said it made her feel bad that I haven’t been spending time with her. So the next night I cuddled on the couch with her all evening.

I heard one of the schnauzer imposters barking tonight, and I looked all over the house for him. It was Milo – I would know that bark anywhere. Mom said she Skyped our friend Jennefer and that’s why I heard him barking. I don’t understand what Skyping is or how that would put Milo back in the house barking or why I couldn’t find him. I barked back and heard him barking back at me, but I still couldn’t find him. I think I will go to bed and think about that for a while.

Lexi, the victorious but confused schnauzer

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