RILEY’S DIARY: They are keeping me!!!!



February 5, 2011

O happy day! Mom decided I am a really good dog and I have been behaving so well lately that she is pulling me off the adoptable list. I am so happy!! I love my mom and I love my dad and I love my schnauzer sister and I love my Lily and Ivy sisters, too. Especially Lily cause she plays with me a lot. They love me too. Except Ivy. I don’t think Ivy loves me. I will try harder with her.

I hope Mom doesn’t get mad at me any more for chewing up stuff and jumping up and knocking stuff out of her hands. I don’t mean to, I am just a puppy, even if I am bigger than everyone else. I promise to be as good as I can be. Next to the day mom found me and picked me up off the road, this is the best day of my life!!!

Riley, the happy puppy

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