Imposters gone, puppy still here, old dog arrived, awards- ceremony

 January 28, 2011

Hi there all my fans and admirers! Boy, do I have a lot to share with you today. Let me see if I can get this in the order it all happened.

First, the imposters (the two boy schnauzers) moved out. Hurray! They went with their Mom to somewhere called Maryland.

Second, the big puppy Riley is still here and just keeps getting bigger. He is very annoying, but I think I have him under control. Mom said she is trying to find him another, forever home. How about it, he’s really a good dog (gag!) and would love, love, love to come live with you.

Next, Mom and Dad got another dog. Have they lost their minds!? I hear them call her Sweetie. She is really old and doesn’t like Riley either. He is always after her. I even feel a little sorry for her, kind sorta. At least she doesn’t bother me or expect me to play with her or like her or anything. But I smell good canned food in her bowl every morning and I want it!! Mom shuts her in the bedroom to eat so I can’t get any of it. She keeps pooing and peeing everywhere, and I heard Mom say she can’t stay if she keeps that up. So there is hope…

Now, about me because, after all, isn’t it ALL about me? I went to the Star Awards ceremony at the Colonnade where I, Lexi,  starred in the Wizard of Oz. I was Toto. (He, he, I bet you didn’t guess that!)Sure, I could have been anyone in the play like the tin man or the wizard, but I had experience as Toto, so at the risk of being stereotyped, I played that role again. I fully expected to get another award, but those people forgot all about me. I made my point by running up on stage while Kandis (Dorothy) was singing Over the Rainbow. Would you believe she had her eyes closed and didn’t even see me! So I trotted backstage, lickity split, where they were setting up the food for after the awards. If I wasn’t going to get an award, I sure was going to get something out of being there. I came back out as she was finishing the song and this time I know she had to have seen me because people were chuckling. I slipped her and went back to the food. She came after me, though, and acted so very glad I was there. We went to the lobby and she wanted me to run with her and play with her, but I just wasn’t into it.  I was a bit bummed, no award and all, and I just wanted to get back to the food.

Today I went to work with Mom because it was my day to go to the children’s hospital and therapize. It was a really good day with a bunch of great kids. Some were especially good petters. Afterward we went to the pet store and I got a treat. I am pretty worn out from my big day, so that’s all for tonight.

Lexi, the star

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