Titled in Freestyle

 April 24, 2011

I went to my first Freestyle competition. Mom and I worked on our routine for something like a year, which would probably be seven years in dog time. On Saturday, the first day of competition, I got a little too curious and ran outside the ring. No one told me how bad that would be for my score. I really pretty much ran all over the performance area because it smelled so curious of so many dogs. Mom told me I had to do better on Sunday. So I did. I stayed with her and we did our much-practiced routine. I got enough points (not the same as treats, darn) to get my first Title. And I came in third in my class, 2a. Everyone is really proud of me. Mom has a picture of us on her nightstand and she has a video of us performing. Of course, all the other dogs are on the video too, but that doesn’t count. I really hate when she looks at the other dogs performing and makes nicey nice comments about them – especially the giant schnauzer! Hey I can’t help I’m small. I was born this way. I have a really big self-image, though, and that counts for a lot!

Now Mom and I are working on our next competition performance. She said I am getting too fat from all the treats, so she is making me work for my supper. How fair is that? Well, truth be told, I do love to work on the figures and I do love to eat, so it works out ok for me.

My big little brother Riley is working on Freestyle too. I think that is a joke. He has just learned the basic stuff, like sit and heel and down. How can he do Freestyle? I guess I will wait and see. He will never be as good as me! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Lexi the Titled