RILEY’S DIARY: I want to be a Freestyle dog too (and I have a girlfriend!)

 June 24, 2011

Hi, I’m Riley. I found out about Freestyle and now Mom is teaching me lots of new stuff and I get to go to the training. It is SO MUCH FUN!!

I have learned sit and stay and wait and down and heel. Mom says I am as smart as my sister Lexi!! (I think I might be smarter…) Mom took us to training last Sunday and I met a new dog whom I like very much. Her name is Maebe and she is a pit bull. Mom says I shouldn’t kiss and tell, but I really like her a lot! I heard her mom talk to my mom about us teaming up in Freestyle and that just makes my toes tingle to think about it. I sure hope that happens! I can’t stop wagging my tail!

I heard that my schnauzerfriend Piper is coming to live with us for a while. I am sure excited about that too. I hope he wants to play. I only get to play with other dogs when I go to my daycare once a week. None of the dogs at home want to play with me.

I love you!




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