May 14th 2012
Hi I’m Riley and I’m back to tell you, I had a birthday and it was GR8! Mom pulled my favorite chair up to the table and fixed me my very own plate of chicken salad with my own fork and everything! I sat there very good like I have seen Lexi do on her birthday and didn’t try to gulp the food off the plate. That was very hard to do, but I made myself have what mom calls self-control. She fed me all the food that was on my plate and it was sooooo good. Then mom and dad put pup cup ice cream and rice krispie treats in all the dog bowls and everyone got to celebrate my special day with me.

The next day I saw her eating the chicken salad (well, smelled her eating it is more like it) and I just couldn’t understand why she was eating my birthday food and not giving it to me! Sometimes life is unfair, but I love my mom and let her have it.

Mom said she has to go and can’t help me with my diary anymore today, so I will tell you about being a new agility dog next time.

I love you!

Riley, the birthday boy