RILEY’S DIARY: In POOP trouble today

August 10, 2012
I got in so much trouble this morning, and I didn’t see it coming. I thought Mom was going to kill me she was so mad, but all she did was lecture me and point her finger at me and at the poop first in my kennel and then all over the patio.

She said I should have gone out last night like she told me to. But I don’t like to go out in the dark. And I don’t like to go out by myself (my sis Lexi wouldn’t go with me – she had already done her business the first time Mom asked her to) and I don’t like to go off the patio and into the yard.

That’s where and when the next trouble came. She caught me pooping on the patio this morning and walked out and saw all the other poo I had left over the last couple of days and just lost it. She made me go in that dirty old yard where my feet get wet and messy. I know I am a big boy, but I have such pretty, dainty feet. I just hate getting them messy. She talked and talked and pointed and pointed and kept telling me what a bad dog I am. I tried to go to the back door but she kept chasing me back into the yard. Then she left me out there! Aghhhh! Dad let me in after she left. I heard him on that little box he talks into telling mom that he had to let me in because it was raining. I don’t think I want to know what she said back to him. But I think I might know because he didn’t put my brand new crate pad in my kennel this morning when he crated me before he left. I was really looking forward to using it and maybe even chewing it a little – or a lot.

Maybe she will be happier when she gets home. I sure hope so. I love my Mom lots and don’t like her to be mad at me. I will try to be a good boy and go in the grass. It’s just that paw thing…and the dark thing…

Riley the chastised