RILEY’S DIARY: Sleeping Situations

September 21, 2012
My mom went somewhere called “vacation” and my dad stayed home ‘cause he said he had to work. While my mom was gone – and I missed her a lot – my dad let me sleep in the bed with him. I think he missed her a lot too. It’s a pretty big bed, which is good since I am a pretty big dog. The problem is, when mom came home, she didn’t want me to sleep in the bed with her and dad. So I would wait until the middle of the night when I could tell they were both asleep and real quiet-like get up in the bed and sleep between them until morning. It is important to me to touch my people and sleep next to them. It makes me feel safe and loved and wanted.

One night I kept creeping over to the bed but mom kept telling me to go get in my own bed. Finally, she put me in my kennel to sleep the rest of the night. The next night she told me I had a choice: sleep on my own bed or sleep in my kennel. I picked my bed. Last night I went back to sneaking in the bed, but I waiting until almost morning to be sure she didn’t put me in my kennel. I hope I can keep sleeping with my people pack. I like to be touching them when I sleep, and their bed is better than mine. Maybe mom and dad could just buy me a better, bigger bed like theirs and I wouldn’t mind sleeping alone as much. Or maybe one of them would come and sleep in it with me sometimes. That would be best. In the meantime, I will keep working my agenda.

Sleep tight,


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