RILEY’S DIARY: In trouble – again

December 19, 2012
Hey there! I am just wondering…has your family gone crazy too? Mom put all these neat new things around the house, including something that looks like a tree but doesn’t smell like one. All this stuff is sooooo tempting. How am I supposed to know it isn’t for me? Well, if I think really hard I would probably figure it out. I’ve heard the phrase, “sin in haste, repent in leisure” and I think that’s what I’ve been attempting; only the repenting comes mighty fast when Mom gets home and sees what I’ve done. The first time she was downstairs grooming a couple of little dogs and I found she had moved the thing she fondly calls – oops I mean called – Father Santa from the fireplace ledge to the floor. I naturally thought she had set it there for me. Wrong! I spent some time in my kennel after that while she picked up the pieces – there were probably about, well, I can’t count that high.

Rileys First Christmas

Riley found presents.

Mom finished putting all these neat-looking balls on the tree – she calls it a Christmas tree – and I had all day to play with them and the other big fun things on the tree. Then she came home and I had my dinner and things were going so well until she walked into the bedroom. Oooooo, she was not happy with what she saw all over the rug. She looked back at me and I knew I’d been busted. Then she walked into the living room and saw what was chewed up and left all over that rug. Up until then she had just been talking to me in that disapproving way she has and pointing at the tree and saying, “leave it, leave it” and I was hunching down with my tail between my back legs – heck, my tail is so long it was even between my front legs. She still put me out back in the fence and made me stay there for what felt like a very long time. I kept looing in the glass and whining and giving her my best pout face becaue it was dark and drizzly and I hate being outside by myself. It must have worked because she finally let me back in.

I just don’t understand about all this new stuff around the house. Maybe tomorrow I will check out something else while Mom is at work. Some of it just has to be for me!


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