Pet Therapy Day

December 28, 2012
Hello my adoring fans. Once again, pet therapy day arrived. Why do people always ask if I am going to get therapy? Do they think I need it? Surely not! I am going to GIVE it. Ughh. People can be so frustrating when they aren’t petting me and giving me treats.

First thing in the morning Mom plopped me in the sink and gave me a bath. Good grief, can’t I at least wake up a bit more before the torture begins? I endured it for the sake of the children. I love the children. I love seeing them smile. I smile at them, too.

Then Mom found out that our friend, Mary Gardner, couldn’t take me because she had company and something about rats. Mom said, no Mary Gardner didn’t have rats. Mom claims M.G. just SAID “rats!” as in, “Rats, I can’t take Lexi today.” But I still think she had rats and that is why she couldn’t take me. If she had just come and gotten me, I could have helped her out. I am a ratter breed, you know. That, by the way, is why Mom won’t get a guinea pig. She thinks I will… ummmm… yep I probably would. Yummy!

So Mom ended up taking me to the hospital and the kids and I smiled at each other a lot. I sat in their beds and presented my rump and they knew what to do. I can tell who has dogs at home because they are the best petters. They know which spots to hit and how to hit them juuuuust right.

I guess that’s all I have to say today. Everyone stay warm. I have my own natural winter coat since mom doesn’t shave me in the winter. Please try to not be too jealous.

Lexi the warm schnauzer

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