I found Lily

April 23, 2013
Mom was looking all over the house when she finally stopped and said, “Lexi, find Lily.” For those of you not in the know, Lily is my 15 year old step-sister, a biggish orangish dog. As I was in my closet at the time – that is, the master closet where my kennel resides – I started there, then stood up with my paws on the bathroom cupboards so I could try to see if she was on top of the bathroom counter. Nope. Not there. I proceeded to the living room, sniffing and using my good eyesight, but no Lily. I continued on into the kitchen, which would have been my choice of a place to hide, but not there either. I ran back to my Dad’s home office and sure enough, there she was. I let out a loud bark so Mom would know I had found Lily. He, he, wasn’t Lily surprised! Mom was so happy with me that she gave me a treat, right in front of my brother Riley. And–he-did-not-get-one.

Lexi, the tracking schnauzer

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